The Most Exciting Place Ever !

Today, the Upward Bound students went to a place filled with animals, called the Aquarium. We had so much fun. There were lots of animals all over the place. Some were in cages, others behind glass windows, and the birds weren’t behind anything at all. We asked the staff if they were going to fly away, they explained that they couldn’t because their wings were clipped. As a whole, I think the funniest thing, was the 4D movie on animals. It was the best animal movie I ever saw. In this movie, animals were coming towards us and everyone was jumping up because they were scared at the beginning. During the movie, animals would come out the water and opens its mouth. Each time, water sprayed on us!¬†Another really cool feature of the movie, was when the animal with a long nose came out the water, we could feel it on our back. And when the animals swam past, the chair in the theater would vibrate. Overall, I think visiting the aquarium was a great trip. Not only were the animals interesting, but enjoying it with our friends is a memory I will never forget!



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