ACT early …prepping for summer

By T. Lessane, director. 

Upward Bound students who intend to participate in the summer 2017 program are taking a Pre-test ACT today to get a ‘base-line’ score of what to expect. Some will be seeing it again very soon, either March or April, as Charleston County School District administers it to all 11th grade students. Rising sophomores and juniors should still take it as many times as possible (in practice), however; the more they see it, the more familiar they are with the format and flow…and the reality of sitting still for 3 hours, which is often the undoing of a great score as much as anything. Building that “concentration muscle” is crucial for success. Over the summer, our students will have the opportunity to participate in a 3-session (9 total hours) boot camp that will give them the skills to excel and to analyze where they need to improve.

In true Upward Bound fashion, of course, students are being served breakfast before the exam today to make sure that they have the brain food to perform as well as possible. Many are unlikely to eat before they arrive. They will also be provided with a snack and water during the 10 minute break.

Looking forward to continuing improving lives with the (hopefully) renewed grant. Keep positive thoughts in that direction until we hear otherwise!



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