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Last Tuesday we went to COFC gym the where the Soptmores  face both the juniors and Seniors. With help from me 1 of the 10th graders we was able to beat the vets at a score of 32 to 37 in the first game and 22 to 45 in the second game I had 23 points all together.Despite a slow start we came back and won both times.


Birthday Girl

Well, today is my birthday and I turned 15 years old. I am enjoying my birthday so far today. I am at the college of Charleston for a program I’m in and it’s called Upward Bound. My grandmother and little brother came over to visit me and they ate lunch with me. She talked with me and asked me questions about Upward Bound and how I like it. I told her that I really like it a lot and I wanted to come back next year. I’m also making a couple new friends while I’m here. My grandmother gave me fifteen dollars today and I was so happy when she gave it to me. She even gave me two packs of candy. When I was in my room, I was taking pictures of myself all day to remember this special day. I’m glad to be alive and well to celebrate my birthday.

Art Class!



IMG_0381The Upward Bound art class is filled with excited,students willing to learn something new about art. The art teacher Ms.Hicks looks happy to teach their new and ready minds something that she thinks will help them. The students first lesson was to draw a simple sketch of their partner sitting next to them. The key was not to worry about mistakes because artists makes mistakes all the time. Also the task was to draw a distinct feature about their partners. The class looked like they were having fun with their peers. Despise me and my peers taking pictures they held up really well and enjoyed our company. Afterwards there was a lot of talk about the art class and the students couldn’t wait to attend it again.



Jasmine Lee-Haynes

Early Theme Adopters: Pictorico

The Blog

Launched last month, Pictorico is a free theme that combines a dynamic portfolio-style home page with a simple, single-column layout for posts and pages. It’s great for pro photographers, casual photobloggers, and anyone who wants a sleek space for personal blogging.

Let’s take a look at a few sites using Pictorico:

A Feast for the Eyes

British blogger Issy shares recipes at A Feast for the Eyes, a name that perfectly captures the focus of the site: food and photography. Pictorico‘s front-page grid displays her mix of dishes beautifully — her images are crisp and bold, while her plate setups are stylish and carefully considered.

Issy sets featured images on individual posts, adding color and sophistication to the header area. She also takes advantage of the theme’s clean, single-column layout, letting her images shine on the page:


The traveler and outdoor enthusiast at Ubuntu sets a wide custom header…

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