The Most Exciting Place Ever !

Today, the Upward Bound students went to a place filled with animals, called the Aquarium. We had so much fun. There were lots of animals all over the place. Some were in cages, others behind glass windows, and the birds weren’t behind anything at all. We asked the staff if they were going to fly away, they explained that they couldn’t because their wings were clipped. As a whole, I think the funniest thing, was the 4D movie on animals. It was the best animal movie I ever saw. In this movie, animals were coming towards us and everyone was jumping up because they were scared at the beginning. During the movie, animals would come out the water and opens its mouth. Each time, water sprayed on us! Another really cool feature of the movie, was when the animal with a long nose came out the water, we could feel it on our back. And when the animals swam past, the chair in the theater would vibrate. Overall, I think visiting the aquarium was a great trip. Not only were the animals interesting, but enjoying it with our friends is a memory I will never forget!



Nigeria’s Fashion: We Are Royalty

The latest and greatest fashion trend is the flower crown. Not only are they super cute but anyone can rock the look. Flower crowns come in different styles. Some are on a covered wire and sit on top of your head, while others are head band styled. You can get these floral head accessories from places like H & M, Forever 21, Claire’s, Charlotte Russe and Rue 21. Flower crowns can give your look a natural flair, with its big beautiful flowers and pastel colors! 🙂

floral head band NIGERIA

Pillow Talk: UB Style

Last night, we had a pillow talk without the pillows. With the help of CC, the girls in our journalism class thought of popular things we could discuss. The topics we chose, were “Natural or Naw: Would You Wear Your Hair Natural?”, “Fashion” and “Relationships”. In the beginning, I thought that we were going to be all girly and talk about hair styles, shoes and crushes. However, what I saw and heard, was totally different. My topic was fashion. I planned to discuss “what makes your style unique” and “how you choose what looks good” but the girls got really deep. The discussion moved from jordans and jewelry to various insecurities young girls face with their bodies. We talked about bullying, height, weight and even shoe sizes. It was a refreshing and a much-needed night. We hoped the topics would be interesting and that the girls would participate but what I didn’t expect was that they would take me on a journey throughout their lives. Many of the girls thought that they were alone and were the only ones dealing with body image issues. But as each girl shared their story, we realized we all have very similar experiences. I’m so glad we had girl talk and I can’t wait for the next one ;*

By Nigeria


It was time to go to our next class and I didn’t know where we was going. I asked a counselor, “where are we going”? She said that we are going to Comfit. I said “what is Comfit?” and she said a session where we just see what you know. I just got the log in from the counselor and I went on the website. The website is not bad at all. It’s like a diagnostic website but we can choose whatever we want to do. It made me mad because I tried a subject that I didn’t know how to do but that always happens with me. So, I just found a subject that I knew how to do. We all kept working until it was time to go but I didn’t really like Comfit a lot. It was too much and I wanted to try everything at one time. I’m glad I tried something new.


Our Journey: City Market

On our way walking to the Market, we turned the wrong way. We walked about 3-4 minutes before we realized that we were going the wrong way. Finally, we got to the market and it was a great sight. I saw pictures of ‘Rainbow Row’ and other things that were really famous. I took so many pictures throughout the trip but it was all worth it. I’ve never had the time to actually take pictures at the Charleston Market because I usually just pass on by. I even went inside the different stores while I was on Market Street to take more pictures of other things. I took pictures of items that were used for something really special. People still use them to this day. In some other stores, they were old and ancient things that people have actually used like basket weaving. Also, there were old buildings that were painted on a board and people are actually excited to buy them. I had a good, full experience and I have pictures to prove it. These pictures will also help remind me of my culture and where I came from. Who would forget about the Charleston  Market? I know I wouldn’t.


Custom House Field Trip!







On June 18, 2014 the Upward Bound family went to The Custom House. A historical building right in the heart of Charleston. There we learned about our founding fathers, and some of the most important people in Charleston. The tour guider told us stories about, how the old day would be like if we were standing in the 1800’s. He also showed us the dungeon, a spooky room beneath the building where prisoners were kept until death. He told us how diseases broke out and the population of rats and bugs increased. Many people died down there men and women. Its also said to be haunted, many stories about different encounters were shared upon selective individuals. The Custom House was a nice educational place, to go and learn about history.

Jasmine Lee-Haynes

Cuz He’s Black

I went to my first class, English, and the teacher was talking. He was explaining to us that we were to watch and read a poem. I didn’t know what it would have been on so I thought it would’ve have been easy to think about. The topic was on black guys and how they are pursued to be. The poem was read and it talked about how black guys are always being stereotyped. They think that every time someone’s dead or somebody’s fighting, that it’s because of us blacks folks. For instance, if a cop sees a  black guy, their mind will automatically tell them that we have something to hide and they’ll come bother us just because. They also feel that they can shoot us or beat us whenever they feel like just because they are cops. I personally feel that whenever cops get the audacity to do that then they should be locked up or beaten as well. They just can’t get away with anything they want just because they have “the badge”. Everyone needs to stop stereotyping because it doesn’t make sense. Everyone does the same thing as us blacks. I disagree with how everytime the police comes around and people just start running or hiding from them. We shouldn’t have that mentally to say, “oh look at the police right there, they coming so y’all better run!” I don’t want to have to hide everytime I see a cop because they are not God. They don’t rule everyone in the whole entire world. They have to follow the rules and authorities that are given too. We should really stop stereotyping.


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